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Music has always been a part of my life since I can remember. Growing up, I was introduced at a young age to the world of broadcasting and radio by my father. I would run the faders, help record promos, go to shows and meet artists. My passion sprouted from there. I would pick up any instrument I could and try to learn it. This led to me being in choirs, the band playing the baritone, handbells, and numerous music camps and competitions.

  As the teen years sank in, I started finding love for alternative music and the guitar. I continued to play and write songs for just myself for a long time. This is also around the time I first started recording and using DAW’s.

  When I was in my 20’s, I went on a different journey in the musical world. In 2011, I started an online music publication called I’m A Stain Zine. This later branched into Introduce Yourself Zine. It is still around today being led by the ever-so-awesome Bradley Dillion under the name New Fury Media. We interviewed artists, promoted new talent, booked shows, ran a weekly online radio show, and did media coverage for so many artists and bands.

  After a few years, I decided to step away and focus on my family. I got a blue-collar job and got comfortable until I was a passenger in a life-altering car accident. At that point, my job was no longer an option. That is when I had a bit of a wake-up call and got back into writing and recording music full force. Since then, music has been my night and day. I am currently running a weekly jam on YouTube called Random Thursday Jam. On top of that, I have been interning at Lycan Productions & Sound in Largo FL, and recording local acts in my home studio.


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